In terms of the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Law (Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment Act No: 21 of 1985), foreign companies wishing to hire Sri Lanka personnel are required to submit the following information and documents to QP Employment (Pvt) Ltd., by courier, fax or mail.

  Job Order

Specifies categories of personnel required, number of personnel required from each category, full job description for each category, salary per month or salary range, other basic terms & conditions, and contract period.

Mandatory Requirements

A Power of Attorney authorising QP Employment to handle all Governmental matters connected with the recruitment of Sri Lankans for employment abroad.

On receipt of Government approval to initiate action on the client's Job Order, QP Employment carries out a data bank search for suitable applicants and summons eligible candidates for pre-screening.



Advertisements will be published in newspapers for categories un-available in our data bank and the client wil be invoiced separately as per actuals.

After applications are received, appropriate consultants are called to pre-screen and shorlist candidates for

final interviews by the client's representatives.


Pre Departure Processing

The selectees will be processed through medicals, Governmental documentation processes, visa formalities, and readied for departure.

After completion of processing, flights will be booked and the client will be advised of the readiness of the hired personnel to travel to their work destinations.

Pre VISA Advice to Airline

On receipt of the travel readiness information, clients are required to fax the Colombo office of the Airline of the availability of VISAs for the selected personnel to travel to the country of their employment through that Airline's Branch office in the client's country.
Until this information is received by the Airline Office in Colombo they are prohibited to issue Air Tickets for the candidates to travel.

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